About us

About US

We are proud of Mayflower factory, having
”skill of Italy, arts of Germany, and spirit of the United States.”

Mayflower Factory is founded in 1993. Mayflower warehouse is located in Los Angeles, California.

Mayflower dedicated to provide easy operating machines to let you to achieve works.


Why choose Mayflower?

1. Mayflower controls the production lines of factory and orders the quality parts for our machines solely. Thus, Mayflower can ensure that our car lift and tire&wheel machines are in reliable and stable quality.

2. All Mayflower Car Lifts use 3 Horse Power Motor and 2,200 watts, which is Heavy Duty Strong Motor.

3. All Mayflower Tire changer machines use 1.5 Horse Power Motor and 1,100 watts, which is Heavy Duty Strong Motor.

4. All Mayflower wheel balancer machines did 120 hours testing for all Computer, Power Boards and Wheel Balancer machines. We are proud of our computer CPU board and Operational Amplifier which are Made in USA and we can 100% to ensure you can get our best quality wheel balancer machines.

5. Mayflower also carries the parts and accessories to support your machines for years to come.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our Customer Service Line # 310-694-7356